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Maltipoo Female
Maltipoo Female
Yorkshire Male Adoption
Yorkshire Gold Male
Rottweiler Female
Yorkie Female
206 Shorky Male - Sold
204 Pekingese Mix Terrier - Sold
202 Dachshund Male - Sold
200 Basset hound male - Sold

122 jack russell male SOLD

074 pomeranian female Sold

096 pomeranian Male SOLD

098 chihuahua male Sold

103 siberian husky male SOLD

117 Pomeranian male-- SOLD

132 chihuahua male Sold

137 yorkshire male SOLD

145 english bulldog male Sold

173 german shephered male SOLD

185 german shephered female SOLD

190 Yorkshire - Male and Female SOLD

Female Maltese
Maltipoo Female
Maltipoo Male
Extreme love provided here
Yorkshire Male Adoption
Shihtzu Male
Chihuahua Female
207 Shorky Male
205 Pekingese Mix Terrier - Sold
203 Maltese Female - Sold
201 Boston Terrier Male - Sold

029 english bulldog female Sold

090 chihuahua female Sold

100 pomeranian female Sold

110 chihuahua Male Sold

130 cocker spaniel female SOLD

135 Chihuahua Male Sold

143 siberian husky male Sold

153 siberian husky female Sold

179 german shephered male SOLD

195 Yorkie Male and Female SOLD